HSEEP – Day 1

I had the pleasure of spending today at the Ohio Department of Health ~ Office of Health Preparedness for the first of three days of HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program) training offered through the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

The class has a number of people from various health departments, a couple of LE personnel, a handful from Department of Rehabilitation / Corrections, and a surprising number from Battelle Memorial Institute.

I feel kind of alone as an Emergency Management guy and even moreso as a volunteer!

This is a much more in-depth course with a gaggle of activities (I think there’s 15 in all) that allow us to learn from our colleagues and their experience, far beyond the doctrine taught in the IS-00120 & IS-00130 courses ~ but a lot of the lessons are the same: If you have a good team, that is knowledgeable and can commit resources, your exercise planning / evaluation process can be far more beneficial and instructive than if you try to attempt it with the wrong team.

~Never Stop Learning / ~Never Stop Preparing



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