June 2016

June is shaping up to be a moderately laid back month.

First week:  Beginning a Learn to Hunt program sponsored by Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Wildlife.

Second week: TEEX NERRTC will be in town teaching MGT-315 – Critical Asset Risk Management (part of their infrastructure protection program).  Applying my new HSEEP training to serve as an Evaluator for a Functional Exercise.

Third week: At Ohio EMA for four days learning to be a NIMS / ICS All-hazards Ops Section Chief (which will help me to end up on a Type 3 Incident Management Team (I hope!).  Teaching a supplemental unit for my CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) on how to do a proper Head-to-Toe assessment and giving our responders time to practice in a supervised setting.

Fourth week: Mostly a low-key week.  I will be leading a Full-moon hike at one of the parks I volunteer at and presenting a program on fireflies early in the week then taking a CERT supplemental training on Fire-Fighter Rehab.

Final week: Burying myself in networking and outreach before heading to Emmitsburg!


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