August 2016 Plan

Ahhh… August already!

First week:  I’m home and getting ready to head back to FEMA’s EMI.  03 August ~ I’m interviewing for an EM volunteer coordinator.  04 August ~ G191: ICS/EOC Integration at Franklin County Emergency Management / Homeland Security.  My monthly writers’ group meeting and traveling to EMI.

Second and Third weeks: FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Maryland for 4x classes that will wrap up my 4-wk/152-hr Emergency Management Professional Program – Basic Academy certification.  Can’t wait for this exciting opportunity!

Fourth week: Nothing major on the calendar – just some volunteering hours with my park district and wrapping up some administrative items for the last exercise I served as Lead Evaluator on for County.

Fifth week: 01 September will be our final session for Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Wildlife’s “Learn to Hunt” program ~ a Dove Hunt on state lands with the girlfriend and other classmates, lead by our very experienced instructors!



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