September 2017!


Wow…  It’s September already!  Where’s the year gone?  I’m going to cram this month into 4 ‘weeks’ using the dates FEMA’s using on the National Preparedness Month calendar ~ just for the sake of convenience.  I’ll be posting to Facebook on the Rogue Rabbit Limited site and Twitter under @JVittieMPA for National Preparedness Month.

  • Week 1:  September 1-9              Make a Plan for Yourself, Family, and Friends
    • 01 Sept: Opening Day!  Dove Hunting (and maybe squirrel, if I see any)
    • 07 Sept: CERT Unit 2
    • 08 Sept: Center for Urban Research and Analysis at THE Ohio State University panel – Tactical Urbanism: Does it Make a Difference?
  • Week 2:  September 10-16         Plan to Help Your Neighbor and Community
    • 14 Sept:  CERT Unit 3
    • 15 Sept:  Ohio Woodland Stewards conference: Woodland Fungi and Dove hunting afterwards
  • Week 3:  September 17-23         Practice and Build Out Your Plans
    • 17 – 22 Sept:  Ohio Military Reserve Annual Training (Full Brigade) ~ Camp Perry Joint Training Facility, Port Clinton Ohio.  Part of this year’s OPLAN involves an exercise with the Ohio National Guard’s G-1 (Administration/Personnel) section
    • 21 Sept: CERT Unit 3 (going to miss this one)
    • 22 Sept: Ohio PIO Symposium (Probably going to miss this one as well)
  • Week 4:  September 24-30         Get Involved!  Be a Part of Something Larger
    • 27 – 29 Sept: TEACH G290/G291: Basic Public Information Officer series in Butler County, Ohio
    • 28 Sept: CERT Unit 4 (most likely going to miss this one)
    • 28 Sept: International Rabbit Day AND National Chocolate Milk Day!  (One of the best days of the year!)



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