June 2017 Plan / Schedule


June 2017 will start out blissfully non-chaotic, which will be a nice change of pace!  How the month progresses and fills in remains to be seen, especially since it’s front-loaded right now.  So, without any further ado ~

  • Week 1 (01 – 04 June)
    • H 01 is a busy day
      • Meeting with my Community Emergency Response Team coordinator to do a debrief on the first exercise I planned / executed the week before
      • Monthly writer’s group meeting
    • F 02 ~ Meeting with a communications pro / follow up from StartUp Week Columbus
    • S 03 – U 04 ~ Drill Weekend
  • Week 2 (05 – 11 June)
    • T 06 ~ public meeting with ODOT re: SR-161 project in Worthington
    • W 07 will be a long day
      • Last class for my Infrastructure protection certification from TEEX at Franklin County EM/HS
      • Small Business marketing class through Ohio Small Business Development Center 1/4
    • F 09 ~ Leading the monthly full-moon dog hike at my local park
  • Week 3 (12 – 18 June)
    • W 14 ~ Small Business marketing class through Ohio Small Business Development Center 2/4
  • Week 4 (19 – 25 June)
    • W 21 ~ Small Business marketing class through Ohio Small Business Development Center 3/4
  • Week 5 (26 – 30 June)
    • W 28 ~ Small Business marketing class through Ohio Small Business Development Center 4/4

May’s Schedule


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May is shaping up to be an AMAZING month with TONS of training (48hrs of continuing education)!  #NeverStopLearning  Plus, I’m still working on getting Rogue Rabbit Limited off the ground ~ I’ve been working on creating my schedule of services / fees, writing up contracts, and securing the last of the insurance requirements I have, so I’m hoping to start reaching out to potential clients soon.

  • Week #1:  01-07 May 2017
  • Week #2:  08-14 May 2017
    • W 10 & H 11 OH197 – Planning for Access / Function Needs at Ohio EMA
    • W 10 Lead my monthly Full Moon Dog Hike
    • H 11 CERT Unit 7
  • Week #3:  15-21 May 2017
    • H 18 & F 19 – MGT-318 PIO training from TEEX at FCEMHS
    • H 18 CERT Unit 8
  • Week #4:  22-28 May 2017
    • H 25 CERT Unit 9 Functional Exercise, Lead Evaluator
  • Week #5:  29-31 May 2017
    • A quiet end to the month!

April ~ 2017

Checking in for April 2017, and in looking at my calendar ~ the next 7 weeks are just jammed with stuff going on!

Some teaching.  Some meetings.  Taking some training.  Business meetings.  And, perhaps most importantly ~ launching Rogue Rabbit Limited!  (More details on Rogue Rabbit Limited in a new post coming soon.  Promise.)
So, let’s check in with April:

  • Week 1-ish:  S 01 – U 09 April 2017
    • M 03: Training session (SimCell / Controller) for Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS) exercise / Annual Inspection – York Lodge 563 F&AM
    • T 04: COTS Full-Scale Exercise (SimCell / Controller)
    • W 05: Brown Bag Lunch Session – Warren County EMA: Disaster Declarations & Delegation of Authority
    • H 06: #GSMChat / Writer’s Group / Business meeting
    • U 09: Shooting: Sporting Clays / Volunteering: Vernal Pools program
  • Week 2: M 10 – U 16 April 2017
  • Week 3: M 17 – U 23 April 2017
    • M 17 – H 20: TEACH – ICS 300 & ICS 400 at Warren County EMA
    • H 20: #GSMChat
    • S 22: SYSK – Masonic Leadership Course (Class #4 / 4!)
  • Week 4: M 24 – S 30 April 2017

March ~ Something about Lions & Lambs?


This month’s schedule is, well, something…


February 2017 Schedule


February’s a short month, but it should be a nice one getting to teach and work with the pros in Warren County and Hamilton County, Ohio!

  • Week 1: 01 – 05
    • 02: Bexley Fiction Writers Meeting
    • 05: Lantern Hike (Assist)
  • Week 2: 06 – 12
    • 07 – TEACH G289 PIO Awareness: Warren County (Ohio) EMA
    • 07 – Stone Lab (The Ohio State University ~ SeaGrant) Winter Program
    • 10 – Howl at the Moon Hike (Lead)
    • 11 – Rabbit Hunting!  Urbana, Ohio
  • Week 3: 13 – 19
  • Week 4: 20 – 26
    • 20 – Holiday!
  • Week 5: 27-28
    • OPEN

January 2017 Plan / Schedule


January 2017 is shaping up to be a relaxing and quiet month!

  • Week 1:
    • Thursday 05 January 2017 – Bexley Fiction Writers’ monthly meeting
  • Week 2:
    • Wednesday 11 January – Central Ohio Public Information Network quarterly meeting / training session
    • Saturday 14 January – Lead monthly full moon dog hike at Highbanks MetroPark
  • Week 3:
    • Clear schedule
  • Week 4 / end of month:
    • Saturday 28 January – Ohio Department of Natural Resources / Division of Wildlife all-day coyote hunting and trapping session
    • Prepare for a busy February!

Press Release ~ (From: FEMA, Re: ME!)

Below is a copy/paste of the document.  The real one has a pretty FEMA logo and everything!

August 18, 2016           


Columbus, OH Resident Graduates from FEMA’s Emergency Management Basic Academy

Emmitsburg, Md.-Josh Vittie graduated from FEMA’s National Emergency Management Basic Academy at the Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, MD., after he completed the full curriculum that provides the basic knowledge and skills to help meet the unpredictable challenges in the field of emergency management.

Vittie completed the five courses in the Basic Academy that includes Foundations of Emergency Management; Science of Disaster; Planning: Emergency Operations; Exercise Design; and Public Information and Warning.

FEMA’s National Emergency Management Basic Academy is the entry-point for individuals pursuing a career in emergency management. Basic Academy offers the tools to develop comprehensive foundational skills needed in emergency management. For those who are new to emergency management or for those who are transferring from another profession, the Basic Academy also provides a unique opportunity to build camaraderie and establish professional contacts. Students learned to understand the roles, responsibilities, and legal boundaries associated with emergency management. It is the first of a three-level Academy series in the Emergency Management Professional Program (EMPP).

The EMPP curriculum is designed to provide a lifetime of learning for emergency managers and includes three separate, but closely threaded, training programs including the National Emergency Management Basic Academy; a specialized and technical training program to develop specific, fundamental skill sets; the National Emergency Management Advanced Academy; a program to develop the next generation of emergency management leaders who are trained in advanced concepts and issues, advanced leadership and management, and critical thinking and problem solving; and the National Emergency Management Executive Academy; a program designed to challenge and enhance the talents of the nation’s emergency management senior executives through critical thinking, visionary strategic planning, challenging conventional concepts, and negotiation and conflict resolution applied to complex real-world problems.

Vittie completed his training on August 18, 2016.  

For more information on FEMA’s training classes through the Basic, Advanced, and Executive Academies, or other emergency management courses, go to:   http://training.fema.gov/empp/.


Photo by Shane Gibbon

Emmitsburg, MD   August 18, 2016–FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) graduated Josh Vittie who completed all requirements of the National Emergency Management Basic Academy. Tony Russell, Superintendent, EMI is shown congratulating Vittie as he graduates. Shane Gibbon /FEMA


FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.