Projects / Portfolio

Below are brief descriptions for some of my major projects.  The links below each item will open the documents or other relevant information.


Master’s Thesis / Policy Paper:  This qualitative and quantitative analysis of the perceptions of efficacy of Neighborhood Watch programs in Franklin County, Ohio relied on survey instruments I designed, coded, and evaluated that were distributed to Block Watch Captains and Police Liaison Officers.  Additional data was drawn from the following data sets: US Census, Uniform Crime Reporting, and National Crime Victimization Study.

Senior Honors Thesis:  This paper relied on a comprehensive literature methodology to propose treatment protocols that could be effective for sex offenders based on a sub-typology classification system first outlined by Robertiello and Terry (2007).


Columbus Commons:  Conducted an on-site vulnerability assessment of the Columbus Commons venue (a 6-acre park / mixed-use / performance space in downtown Columbus, Ohio) to review training, exercising, and protection measures as part of a Critical Asset Risk Management review.  Worked with facility staff and a small team to evaluate the facility and scoring their preparedness and vulnerabilities while identifying what the site was doing well and providing options for mitigation / hardening strategies.

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The Ohio State University Medical Center ProjectONE (later renamed The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center):  Working with an individual from the University Architect’s Office, we created a $9.3Million project management plan, which was successfully implemented by the University Medical Center, to expand kitchen facilities to increase meal production from 2.2Million to 3.3Million meals per year.

City of Delaware, Ohio:  As a Management Intern to the City Manager, I designed and prepared for launch the Delaware Citizens’ Academy, a 20-hour public relations tool and educational course designed to inform citizens on the complex inner workings of their city.  This program successfully trained 75 citizens during first 3 years and continues to offer one 9-session academy per year to an ongoing waiting list.

Franklin County, Ohio – Department of Economic Development and Planning:  Two course projects were implemented by this county agency – the first was an evaluation of the actual knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) for each position and the creation of a custom employee evaluation tool based on each, rather than the generic 10-question form used county-wide.

Franklin County, Ohio – Department of Economic Development and Planning:  Two course projects were implemented by this county agency – the second was an attempt to identify strategic management issues facing the organization.  One suggestion we made, based on the drastic (~90%) cut in funding from the County General Fund, that was implemented by the end user was the acquisition of a full-time grant manager to ensure a consistent revenue stream from grants.

Chautauqua Lake Association:  This commissioned class project identified options for cleaning up Lake Chautauqua, costs associated with algal blooms and impacts on tourism; provided client with results and customized Cost/Benefit Analysis toolkit.

Stover Transportation, Inc.:  I created a number of essential documents for this company, including the following “Driver’s Orientation Handbook” to ensure compliance with 49 CFR regulations.  I also rewrote the Controlled Substance / Alcohol Handbook, and created the following: Cell Phone / Texting Policy, Seat Belt / Restraint Policy, and a pre-employment disclosure document detailing information required by 49 CFR and an applicant’s rights to dispute erroneous information.

Northwest Toastmasters #859:  As Vice President of Education, I created a Mentoring program for my club and lead its initial roll out and implementation.